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About Us

Our software development group was founded in 1996.   Over the years we developed industry specific software and we've come to be known as leaders in delivering unique packages with professional solutions that are innovative, reliable and affordable.

E-Gabbai was developed in conjunction with software development professionals as well a group of experienced Shul and Shtibel administrators, officers and Gabboim.

We provide our innovative and reliable IT solutions to businesses in the New York City/Tri-State area and beyond. Our comprehensive service offerings give our clients unique technology solutions that are tailored to their very specific business needs.

We've developed a highly scalable web-based solution for Synagogues, Shuls, and Shtiblach. If you are a Gabbai or Shul administrator of any sort, E-Gabbai was designed precisely with you in mind.

Our experts will provide you with strategic IT guidance and Shul management that allows you to concentrate on your Shul members and their daily needs and enable to grow your organization with the ease of modern technology.

We will provide your organization with valuable technology that:

Aligns with your core objectives

Increases administration efficiency

Utilizes modern communication 

Streamlines your collection of pledges and other receivables


As a web based solution you have the benefits of:

      Multi user management

      Shul membership login

      Live updated membership data

      Automatic daily Zmanim chart

      Earning your membership’s confidence in your administration

      A reduction in collection headaches to a minimum

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