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4 Cheshvan 5772 - Israel, Chaim Leib

E-Gabbai Features

E-Gabbai will........

  • Track all the pledges
  • Distribute monthly statements, electronically
  • Accept on-line payments from your membership
  • Automatically send out receipts 
  • Provide membership review access to their accounts
  • Send out automatic reminders of Shul schedule and Zmanim
  • Track Shul expenses
  • Track bank and other fund balances
  • Remind you of important tasks
  • Report weekly all upcoming Yarzeiten and other Chiyuvim
  • Keep record of Membership Zechusim and memorials
  • Manage the seats resevations
  • Provide you with an instant communications platform for outgoing urgent messages
  • Manage posts and blogs for announcements and other congratulatory news
  • Do all of the above......and more
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E-Gabbai Features
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